10è Aniversari/Seguir el contacte amb el projecte Roseta/Mail 1

De Amical Wikimedia
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from	Joan Goma <jrgoma@gmail.com>
to	rosetta@longnow.org
date	Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 3:24 PM
subject	Opening Wikipedia for more languages.

I am Joan Gomà from Amical Viquipèdia; the association that gathers Catalan Wikipedians.

Last week we meet in Barcelona with several members of Wikimedia Foundation and brainstormed the 10th anniversary of Catalan Wikipedia celebration.

It happens that Catalan is a language in a peculiar situation that managed to make grow its wikipedia petty well. We thought that it could be a great idea to celebrate the 10th anniversary helping 10 languages to create their own wikipedias.

I wonder if in your Rosetta project you could help us in identifying the languages with more chances to start a successfully a wikipedia and to contact potential interested people.

We can help them in giving the first steps, giving support to start editing wikipedia and as much help as they need provided that we don’t know their language.


Joan Ramon Gomà i Ayats

Amical Viquipèdia