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from	Joan Goma <jrgoma@gmail.com>
to	Laura Welcher <laura@longnow.org>
date	Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 1:29 AM
subject	Re: Opening Wikipedia for more languages.

Hello Laura.

To create a new Wikipedia some requisites are to be fulfilled. Mainly you need a valid ISO-639 code and enough users to guarantee a viable community. Languages with less than 2000 native speakers have been accepted but more than 10 000 is easier. A group from 10 to 20 interestad people can be excel·lent to start.

Wikipedia is a project created by the community so the aid we can provide is in explaining the steps to be accepted as a new language Wikipedia project, help them in learning how to edit Wikipedia, provide advise about first articles to be created, about how to encourage other people to edit etc. This idea is part of a broader one to share experiences, best practices and help each other in growing small Wikipedias.

New projects are to be started in a Wikimedia project called incubator. There they start creating articles. Once there is evidence that the community is able to carry on the project the new Wikipedia language is created.

Our planed timeline is find the groups of interested people and start those Wikipedias at incubator by January the 15th (this is the 10th anniversary of English Wikipedia) then help them growing and localizing software so they can be created as standalone projects by March the 16th (the 10th anniversary of the Catalan Wikipedia) by that week we are planning to hold an international meeting in Barcelona where we will analyze strategies, share experiences, best practices and resources to help growing those wikipedias. We will invite them to attend.

Off course, feel free to forward my messages to everybody you consider necessary. If you agree I also will forward your answers to people from Wikimedia Foundation and from the team interested in developing the idea.

Joan Gomà