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(This is a private page).

  • Link to blog said error: http://www.digital-commons.net/2011/07/25/blog/
  • There is missing the link to Catalan and Spanish translation of the web (even if they are not yet ready)
  • + There is missing the link to Privacy Policy down the page
  • There is missing a third colome down (at the level of Brought to you and sponsor) with the name: Endorcing including the boxes and link to the Charter Fcforum 2009 & the How to manual Fcforum 2010, and the link to "Vision of free and open Infrastructure"
  • In the static meny I would add a link to contact: info@digital-commons.net

PAGE: http://www.digital-commons.net/get-involved/

  • Would be possible to have bullets instead of + to organize the points?
  • There is missing to link this content to the actioan twitter, facebook and newsletter links: + Keep connected: Link to Twitter/Identica/Facebook accounts/newsletter
  • There is missing the link to the wiki here: + Add relevant information of materials on the working lines or document the event at the documentation wiki: (Link to the wiki)
  • There is missing the link to the blog here: + Engage with the blog: publish a blog post or comment at the collective blog! (link to blog)
  • Down the page I would add at the end: "For anything else contact contact: info@digital-commons.net"

PAGE: http://www.digital-commons.net/made-it-possible-by/


  • There is the need to put the logo in the Twitter account (I don't have a logo of that side)