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Amical receives the Ajut PuntCat 2010 to extend the Viquipèdia outreach of the network

A dotation of €20.000 will drive the initiative of "viquiescoles", that already succeeded with Viquibalear, and that will bring the Viquipèdia to the scholars of Secondary of the Catalan-speaking territories

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The association of Catalan-speaker friends of Wikipedia, Amical Viquipèdia, has been awarded with the Ajut PuntCat 2010 backing innovative projects wich promotes the Society of the Information in the Catalan-speaking world. The president of the Amical, Joan Gomà, has got the award in Awards act by the Fundació puntCat in the Museum Picasso of Barcelona, during the afternoon of yesterday Thursday 16 of December. With an amout of twenty thousands euros, the aid has awarded to drive the strategic plan of Wikipedia proposed from the Catalan wikipedian community.

Together with the Amical Viquipèdia, among others, the Editions Alill also has received the aid for his project of Alguerese Virtual Library, an initiative in which the Amical is going to collaborate via of Wikisource; in addition, the book "Viquipèdia: Discover, use, contribute" edited and translated into Catalan by the Amical was published by this same awardes entity. Another of the awarded was Association eXO (for the expansion of the open network), wich is also counting with the participation of the Amical in the way to have available the manual of installation of the open network in free licence in the Wikibooks in Catalan.

Strategic plan
It's the first time that the Foundation puntCat summons these aids in order to back nonprofit projects trying to surpass the digital barrier into the Catalan-speaking dimension, as well as the creation of contents in Catalan, the frame of a network or being related with e-government. In this sense, the strategic plan of the Wikipedia enabled by the Amical includes three related points: the viquiescoles (wikischool), the network of Wikipedia contact points, and increase the usability of the encyclopaedia.

"Wikischool" is an initiative in which it's aming to the High School studets to learn to manage themselves in teamworkds by means of the creation and improvement of new articles for the Wikipedia in Catalan, and they're organized in groups under the help and supervision of a teacher. Seen the previous success of the edition of this year of Viquibalear, which received the support of the regional Balearic Government, and in which the Balearic students created around five hundred new articles to the Wikipedia in Catalan, the Amical decided to extend the experience to all the territories of the Catalan-speaking regions. Thanks to the aid of the Foundation PuntCat, the association is developing parallel projects for students from Catalonia, French department of Pyrenées-Orientales, and the Italian city of Alghero.

Regarding the network of points of contact Viquipèdia, it's an innovative initiative in which will establish meeting points in real life all over of the comarques (Catalan subregions), where the people can go to learn how to use Wikipedia or to put in contact with the wikipedian community, in order to establish cooperations with the local entities.

For last, Wikipedia in Catalan is one of the most productive projects of Wikimedia Foundation based on quantity and quality of contents generated by number of speakers and also by number of wikipedians. Thanks to Apertium automatic translator used by the Generalitat (Catalonian regional government), and developed by the University of Alicante, the Wikipedia in Catalan is the only versions offering an integrated tool using the links between different idiomatic versions (interwikis) to propose preliminary translations into the Catalan of available articles in other languages, and it makes easy a translation draft to be improved by the editors. This award aid will speed even more the development of these tools, and will increase the productivity of the wikipedian, letting them to focus more in the creative works instead of repetitive work.