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Title: Digital commons forum

Subtitle title: International forum of collaborative communities for the building of digital commons


  • To increase the visibility and address the specificities of communities around the building of digitals commons (at the local and international level) as part of the overall free culture and digital commons movement. Stress the doers approuch.
  • To contribute to map digital commons, promote digital commons coalitions, develop common actions and to support and learn from each other (at the legal, infrastructural, sustainable, participation and governance levels).
  • To help that the several collaborative communities and networks become more open among them and also profit from of potential synergies between them.
  • To remark the distinction between the governance of digital commons and other forms of corporate-providers communities and promote a free and open infrastructure.
  • To build bridges between action and research on commons as a form of governance, production, understand and horizon of socio-political transformation.
  • To try to incorporate and experiment with the organisational and governance principles of digital commons to the organisation of the event itself.

When: On the week of 24-30 October 2011

Where: Barcelona

What: Though a series of transversal activities and specific working lines.

  • Creative melting - experimenting ways of being together
  • Participation in collaborative communities: How it works and how to improve it? Lessons from Wikimedia.
  • Mapping areas and experiences of collaborative production of digital commons (Wiki communities, FLOSS, Open access resources, audio-visual archives, collective narratives, among others)
  • Free culture and digital commons movement: Comparing national-regional contexts, mapping strategies and coalitions in the movement and facilitating an strategic debate
  • Sustenibility of collaborative creation: Digital social economy

Goals: + Systematisation of sustainable solutions and best practices emerging from the experience. + Creating conceptual and references in practices (as well as the problematics and possibilities) of free coops or cooperatives of abundance and commons. + Promoting the dialogue between the cooperative tradition and common-based peer production. Facilitating connexions and mutual understanding between them for the development of a digital social economy.

Who - initial promoters: Institute of Govern and Public Policies of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (link IGOP: and Amical Viquipedia (link a Amical)

Contact: info(at)