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A) HOME PAGE: Changes or additions to the page or reports of bugs: A1) Mission the reference to "International forum" (or Global Forum or Glocal Forum) at the title: beyond Digital commons & Collaborative communities (perhaps this could be the moto?) A2) In the botton of the page commonlty the license apperas centered instead that in the left A3) Somewhere link to Catalan and Spanish translation of the web A4) Somewhere we would need to put a Privacy Policy (as we are collecting personal data though the registration) A5) Take of or make unvisible "Posted on July 4, 2011" A6) Take off or make unvisible "Posted in Uncategorized| 1 Reply" A7) There is a link at the right side (como una morzilla de comic) que no lleva a ningun sitio, so better to take it off. A8) Quitar la posibilidad de añadir comentarios en la Home page, no?. A9) Add a big Welcome!!! INFORMATION IN A RIGHT COLUM: A10) After the logos of main promotors link to page "Make it possible by" (sub-page About) A11) Somewhere link to Identica/Twitter/Facebook account A12) Somewhere link to newsletter: A11 - A12 - Stay Connected widget: Tweetstream, Subscribe to newsletter. A13) Link to info for "Become sponshor" (?) A14) Contact: info(at) A15) Link to: "Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge" A16) Link to: "Sustainable Models for Creativity in the Digital Age" Logo A16) Definition of free and open infrastructure for collaboration online: Aa) Make it possible by Aa1) Text to be added: ................................................ Main promotors:

  • Institute of Govern and Public Policies of Autonomous University of Barcelona (link to logo & link)
  • Amical Viquipedia (link to logo & link)

Sponshors & donners:

  • Fundació

Organization & voluntering: Mayo Fuster Morell (Enabler) Alina Mierlus (Amical Viquipedia fellowship - Event facilitator and main organizational support) (Alina?) Joan Gomà (Promotion) Mafoso (Logo) Davidpar (Translation & press) B) Program & Working lines: Changes or bugs: B1) Take off the "Leave a Reply" box B2) Put link to each of the working lines B3) There is a bug in the name of this page (it said worksops) Ba) Participation and Community Engagement: Ba1) To have coherence with the other two working lines, the page should be called and not Ba2) Take of "Leave a Reply " option, no? Bb) Mapping digital commons: Bb1) This working line is not called mapping digital commons but "Mapping digital commons & strategic discussion". Please change. Bb2) Take of "Leave a Reply " option Bb3) Context to add to the page: ........................................................

Mapping free culture and digital commons: Comparing national-regional contexts and strategic debate Issues: + Comparing national-regional contexts + Mapping strategies and coalitions in the movement + Facilitating a political strategic debate Activities: + Call of papers/reflexion & systematization of resources online + Presentation of action research results (I.e. Map of Free culture and digital movement in Catalonia by IGOP) + Panel discussion on political strategies present in the movement and for the future Organization: Organized in collaboration with the line of action research on Internet and Society of the Institute of Govern and Public Policies - University Autonoma of Barcelona in collaboration with other parners. Facilitators: Joan Subirats & Mayo Fuster Morell on behalf of IGOP ................................................ Bc) Sustanibility of collaborative creation and digital social economy: Bc3) Sorry here there is a mistake. Please take it off from the content of this pafe. Profile: Discussing from the Catalan/Spanish reality, but with an international perspective (language mainly catalan/spanish).:D:D (I was wondering, because is very touchy :D) Bc1) Take of "Leave a Reply " option Bc2) Text to put on the page .................................................................................................................. Digital social economy: Sustanibility of collaborative creation Goal: + Systematize forms and formulas for individual and collective sustainability of collaborative creation. + Creating conceptual and references in practices (as well as the problematics and possibilities) of free coops or cooperatives of abundance and commons. + Promoting the dialogue between the cooperative tradition and common-based peer production. Facilitating connexions and mutual understanding between them for the development of a digital social economy. Activities: + Systematization of materials, expertise and experiences + Workshop and creation of a working group at Digital commons Profile: Discussing from the Catalan/Spanish reality, but with an international perspective (language mainly catalan/spanish). Organization: Organized by Institute of Govern and Public Policies - University Autonoma of Barcelona in collaboration with other parners. Facilitator: Marco Berlinguer on behalf of IGOP ................................................................................. C) Participants (will add when we have them  :) ). C1) List of participants and short bio of each (both organizations & individual participants) (Some ideas: Organize them with a caotic mix of photos and logos? Could it be generated directly from the infos & bio provided at the registration page? Could the participants be possition over a map of the world?) - yes, we can do a funny visualization.

  • Would you like to participate? Get involved (link to get involved page)

Good to have them listed on the wiki :). D) Get involved!: D1) List to be add: .......................................................... Get involved! Participate! + Attend the event: Register ( + Keep connected: Link to Twitter/Identica/Facebook accounts/newsletter + Propose you suggestions, critique and ideas en enrich the event!! info [at] digital-commons [dot] net + Add relevant information of materials on the working lines or document the event at the documentation wiki: (Link to the wiki) + Engage with the blog: publish a blog post or comment at the collective blog! (link to blog) + Volunteer:

   Do you want to be part of this awesome experience and learn from people who build the digital commons and the biggest public  enciclobedia?
   Do you want to work with fantastic people and earn experience in events organizing and community building?
   Help us create the perfect environment for this event and help  people building and using digital commons to make the world a better  place.
   Drop us a line at: info [at] digital-commons [dot] net and tell us how would you like to help.

+ Donate or sponsor (link to sponsorship page) F) Practicalities: FF1) Accommodation options G) Blog H) Wiki (link to wiki) I) Press (Systematization of the press coverage when availeble) Contact for press: info(at) Phones: 0034-648877748 or (Alina your phone, ok? public? :O) J) Register REGISTRATION BOX: Name: Surname 1: Surname 2 (optional): Organization (optional): Photo or logo (optional): Website (if more than one put a comma in between): Contact e-mail: Country of residence: Twitter/Identica account (optional): Wikipedia user (optional): Keywords or personal motto: Short bio English: Short bio Catalan: Short bio Spanish: What is a digital commons for you? How would you define a digital commons? or An example? Suggestions/proposals for the event (optional): Would you attend physically the event or "only" engage online from distance? Special food or assistance needs (optional): Would you be availeble to develop some volunteer tasks? Yes Not In case of yes? In what would you like to

Text for the "International Forum of collaborative communities for the building of Digital Commons" (In short: Digital Commons Forum) Main menu (static menu) 1) Home & Main page

    • Title: "International Forum of collaborative communities for the building of Digital Commons" (In short: Digital Commons Forum)
    • Subtitle (Motto): ?
    • Short about (first page / welcome):
       What is the Forum about?
    • Listing main aspects of the programe
    • Sidebar right logos: partners + organizers + sponsors (What is the difference between parners and organizers?) Would this be: who we are?

2) Topics Sections: (the 3 sections / sessions descibed) - Main menu For every section (submenu):

    • What is?
    • Prupose / Vision
    • Participants (with link to its bio with a photo)
    • * Agenda

3) Participants Total list of participants 4) Programe Concrete calendar schedual 5) Wiki & Documentation Post event Documentation 5) Take part:

  • How do I get involved?
    • Registration (registration fee)there is going to be a registration fee? How much?
    • Accommodation options
    • Practicalities: Map of places


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