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What can we do?[modifica el codi]

Not a Catalan speaker, sorry. I'll write my message in English, I hope this does not upset anyone ;-)

Just a fast question: Is there anything (sign a petition or this letter, write an email, whatever...) that us, as non-catalan wikimedians, can do to support this matter and do some kind of pressure? I remember this was still a hot topic in the Wikimania at Gdansk and it is kind of sad to think that little progress has been done regarding Wikimedia CAT. --Janfri (discussió) 23:55, 31 gen 2013 (CET)

here[modifica el codi]

You can do it here--Kippelboy (discussió) 00:06, 1 feb 2013 (CET) :)

I'm already on that list. I asked just in case you thought to do a new campaign or something. Keep up the good work. :) --Janfri (discussió) 00:12, 1 feb 2013 (CET)