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Apunt:Introducing Wikischools 2012 (Viquiescoles)
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Post Body The 2012 edition of [http://www.viquiescol
The 2012 edition of [http://www.viquiescoles.cat/viqui/P%C3%A0gina_principal Viquiescoles] project (Wikischools) is already underway in Catalan language Wikipedia. It is an initiative promoted by Amical Viquipèdia where we teach to several teachers within a basic course which are the basic goods of using Wikipedia and the advantages of using it in their classrooms. This course is later complemented with a competition where students create wikipedia articles in a separated wiki, qualifying for various prizes. Then the [http://www.viquiescoles.cat/viqui/Categoria:Articles_publicats best articles] are transferred to Catalan Wikipedia. Wikischools presents peculiarities that make it a unique project: it combines teachers from different parts of the Catalan-speaking territories (and thus encourages the exchange of views and realities), moreover includes elements of reflection beyond a simple technical workshop to make the course an opportunity to discuss issues such as shared knowledge, the role of students in class, the actual use of new technologies in education and the promotion of critical spirit, among others. In this year's edition, 15 teachers from [http://www.viquiescoles.cat/viqui/Viquiescoles:Participants 15 different High schools] are participating in the training. Some teachers are responsible of secondary school students and some of High School students. This is one of our basic projects to increase the number of local Wikipedians within a few months. Last year it was conducted as a test phase to the schools of the Balearic Islands and around 70 articles where included on Wikipedia. This year we expect to exceed these numbers. We will be attentive to the evolution of the newbies and you will soon read their contributions to the Catalan Wikipedia. <small>This post was translated by [[:User:Kippelboy|Kippelboy]] in [http://theglamwikiexperience.blogspot.com/2012/03/introducing-wikischools-2012.html "The glamwiki experience" blog] from [http://www.viquimedia.cat/viqui/Apunt:Viquiescoles_2012_en_marxa! this post] written in Catalan using CC-BY-SA license.</small>
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Post Title Introducing Wikischools 2012 (Viquiescoles)  +
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