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Here you have my 5 cents (in Catalan we give 5 cents not 2).

I am aware that this proposal for movement roles contains huge changes to actual situation but I think it can encourage more creativity than juts trying to map and clarify just what we have now and making slight changes.

Behind this proposal there is a basic idea: Power to the communities of authors. Somebody may agree or not with this basic Idea. If not, I think it is better not to reshape this framework and draw another based on another idea like: Power to the chapters. Or: Power to WMF.

I am also aware that in case we agree with a movement roles charter (this or another) that contains meaningful changes to current situation we will need a non traumatic transition process to reach the new drawing.


  • Communities of authors.
  • Language organizations.
  • For those languages spread among a huge geography: Local organizations
  • WMF

Colour code for the roles to be played by:  Online communities of authors, Online communities + WMF, Online communities + Language Organizations, Language Organizations, WMF, Language Organizations + WMF.





  • Media wiki development
  • Global software tools: Interwikies maintenance, statistical data...
  • Research on: motivation to contribute, mechanisms to improve quality…
  • Global sstrategy definition
  • Innovation in projects
  • Global coordination of  press and public relations
  • Assure all relevant information is translated to all languages.



  • Centralized Database Hardware infrastructure.
  • Tool server.
  • Securing and managing trademarks
  • Global aids and grants
  • Global merchandising agreements


 Local Geography


  • Lobby and advocacy.
  • Author rights defense
  • Geography related projects: Like Wikiloves monuments.
  • Local merchandising agreements
  • Offline fundraising
  • Local aids and grants.

 Local Language

  • Creation and improvements of contents for the projects.
  • Project management.
  • Language-related software tools: Automatic translators, vandalism detectors.
  • Local language fundraising
  • Project strategy definition
  • Research on language and cultural related motivations and tools.



  • Outreach materials.
  • Offline editing courses
  • Universities projects
  • Schools
  • Language related aids and grants
  • Community support: Provide facilities for meetings, press passes, access to museums and libraries …
  • Partnership to free works or to develop works together
  • Press and public relations

Governance structure

 Global online communities decide on

  • Global software tools to be developed
  • Innovation in creation of new projects
  • Global strategy
  • 6 of the 10 WMF board members


Local Language projects communities decide on:

  • Projects content.
  • Projects strategy
  • Granting the chapter status to Language offline organizations.
  • Define the services to be provided by them.
  • Approve their plan of activities
  • Set mechanisms of transparency and control.


Language offline organizations decide on:

  • Granting local geographic organizations if needed.
  • 2 of the 10 WMF board members


WMF board decides on:

  • Appointing 2 of 10 board members
  • WMF staff activities transparency and control

 Money flow[modifica]



 Collects money from:

Directly from Global aids and grants and global merchandising agreements.

Indirectly trough Language organizations that pay their share in keeping centralized infrastructure and global development proportionally to the use each linguistic version makes of them.


Spend money in:

Centralized hardware infrastructure complementing activities not fully covered by volunteers in global software development, research, translations, and coordination. Global meetings like Wikimania.


Local Language organizations.

Collect money from:

Local language fundraising campaigns

Local aids and grants

Local merchandising agreements

Solidarity from other Local Language organizations.


Spend money in:

Paying to WMF the language share of cost for global services not covered with global income.

Creating outreach materials: leaflets, books, videos.

Creating educational material to learn editing Wikipedia, applying Wikipedia at schools, at universities…

Expenses to travel and sustenance while lecturing offline courses, negotiating agreements, applying for grants…

Language related research and development not fully covered by volunteers.

Solidarity to other Local Language organizations.