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El projecte Active Aging, Citizenship and Participation es un projecte del l'IGOP finançat per la Fundacion CSIC (Zero call). Ens agradaria com a part de la recerca (i per la disseminació de la recerca) organitzar activitats per activar a gent gran amb les possibilitats obertes per les noves tecnologies, i en concret amb activitats que involucren el us o construcció de la Viquipèdia per gent gran, i organitzar-ho amb la col·laboració i el assessorament d'Amical.

Sobre el projecte[modifica]

TITLE: ACTIVE AGING, CITIZENSHIP AND PARTICIPATION: assessing the aspirations, needs and strategies related to autonomy and empowerment of old and new generation of elderly people in Spain

ABSTRACT: The impressing social, economic and cultural changes experienced in the first years of the 21st century are transforming the basic operating features of the Spanish society and calling into many question of the public policies and action programs, as well as the conceptual approaches and paradigms used in many fields. The issue of population aging is obviously not alien to this great transformation. In this new era we find innovative forms of production, relating and living that blurr the boundaries between age and life cycles, so that aging seems to be a time of opportunity in life paths increasingly diverse. Older people have better chances to decide over their way of life, as social changes are contributing to the creation of greater autonomy, opportunity and choice particularly for the generation that goes into its sixth decade of life. The new age is asking for new approaches that enable the design and implementation of public policies that incorporate the capacity for autonomy, diversity and equality of persons (considered as values and principles of full citizenship) in all stages of life and all ages. Public policies aimed at older people should be able to meet these new challenges, incorporating in decision-making the people, groups and individuals involved in them. Required are new paradigms that underpin interventions and public policies around the concept of older people as active subjects and, therefore, improve our ability to adapt to the challenges that characterize this new age

This research project aims to analyze the participation of older people in the process of elaboration and implementation of public policies to promote active aging.

RESEARCH GROUP: The IP (Investigador Principal or Main Researcher) of the project is Dr. Joan Subirats, Professor of Political Science and Administration and researcher at the Institute of Government and Public Policy (IGOP) of the Auronomous University of Barcelona (UAB).


SCHEDUAL: Start 2012 with a two/three years time line.

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Persones de contacte[modifica]

  • Lilaroja/Mayo (IGOP & Membre d'Amical)
  • Joan Subirats (IGOP & Membre d'Amical)
  • Joan Pallares (dinamitzadors d'activitats sobre gent gran a Amical)
  • Marc Miquel i David Morera - Sondeig dels usuaris a Amical
  • Eva Alfama - Coordinacio del projecte a l'IGOP


  • Acociacio de Gent Gran Agora (en contacte al Josep Blat)
  • A small part of this project has been supported by Wikimedia Switzerland (Wikimedia CH):
  • Revisant la bibliografia de envelliment actiu i gent gran, ens hem trobar que la gent de 65 anys i mes, es la que declara un major us de wikis i enciclopèdies online, i que la consulta de wikis es el tercer motiu pel qual la gent de 65 anys i mes fan servir la xarxa (dades del CIS).
  • A Palafrugell hi ha un parell de gent "gran", un home i una dona, que saben editar a la Viquipèdia (bé, només lo just). Els dos, fins on sé, s'han animat gràcies als tallers d'edició que en Davidpar ha anat muntant al poble. Arnau Duran Ferrero