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Part 2 of 3: The project plan[modifica]

Saving the sections in the edit box below creates the required structure for part 2 of your proposal. This will become your project plan.

Provide as much information as you have now, and you can add and make revisions later. You may continue developing your proposal until the scheduled deadline. Please make every effort to retain the headings provided, even if you're not filling them in yet.

Step 1. Project plan[modifica]

Tell us about the scope, budget and impact of your project in the provided sections.

Step 2. Participants[modifica]

Tell us about yourself and any other people who will be working on this project.

Step 3.[modifica]

Press Save page.

Project plan[modifica]


Scope and activities[modifica]

Tools, technologies, and techniques[modifica]


Total amount requested[modifica]

Budget breakdown[modifica]

Intended impact:[modifica]

Target audience[modifica]

Fit with strategy[modifica]


Measures of success[modifica]