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You're about to start your Individual Engagement Grant proposal!

It's okay if you only have part of your idea ready to propose. Sharing your project idea early to get feedback is a good way to begin, and your answers can be revised later. You can continue developing your proposal until the scheduled deadline. Saving this page will create part 1 of 3 for a complete proposal.

Step 1.[modifica]

In the edit box below: please enter your team members' names after participants=

Step 2.[modifica]

Please enter a way for us to contact you after contact=

Step 3.[modifica]

Please enter a short summary of your project after summary=

Step 4.[modifica]

Please share the overall idea of your project in the Project idea section

Step 5.[modifica]

Please share what you are trying to accomplish in the Project goals section

Step 6.[modifica]

Press Save page and you've started your proposal. Congratulations!


Words between "" in the edit window will not show up on your saved proposal.



Start Page

project contact:

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please add a summary in 20 words or less

2013 round 1

Project idea[modifica]

Project goals[modifica]

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