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16 August:



  • Fer les pagines privades

29 Juliol:

To do regularly:

  • Chech e-mail

Demanar a Toni:

To do 29 of Juliol:

  • Write a preliminary schedual of the event and put on web
  • Contact Coordinadora coneixement lliure to see if they also would like to get involved with the project
  • Define sponshors plan
  • Work on the spreading plan in Wikimania
  • Contactar Davidpar i reunir-se amb el grupet amb KLRS i Kippleboy que fan guerilla marqueting per synergiar estrategia online


  • Contact Okcon participants
  • Get in contact with the Italiansof Wikimedia Italia who organised this (in order to exchange best practices and perhaps synergy): Festival della Libertà Digitali (<a href=""></a>)
  • Write a letter to contacte the participants
  • Clarify spaces (waiting Subirats answer)
  • Program schedualing

18-24 July

Finish delayed outcomes:

  • WMF grant finalised
  • Website finalised

Outcomes 18-24 week:

  • Draft sponsor strategy
  • Plan a meeting with Wiki community (specially those going to Wikimania) + Prepare a spreading plan & material for Wikimania
  • Draft desired list of participants + initial contact of potential participants (those more difficult to get) + prepare save the date spread
  • Firts program schedualing (Sabado & Domingo)
  • Website translation

Tasks by people:

  • Mayo Fuster Morell:
  • Joan Goma:
    • WMF grant
  • Alina:

<a _fcknotitle="true" href="Seguiment treball Juny i de l'1 al 18 de Juliol">Seguiment treball Juny i de l'1 al 18 de Juliol</a>